An example of the types of industries, service providers, manufacturers, distributors and other businesses in litigation and transactional areas that we serve and have served would include:


1. Service consultants and Service providers such as real estate brokerage and real estate development companies, design and construction consultants to the curtain wall and high rise building industry, automobile dealers, and  automotive products and equipment; banking, financial consultants and other commercial property owners and developers.


2. Commercial contractors, commercial real estate developers and building design consultants; aerospace and metal fasteners; work and representation with a variety of foreign based companies doing business in Texas and the United States.


3. Manufacturing and construction companies making, building or restoring metal design and metal fabrication; machining and system gear design; food equipment design and food manufacturing; food processing; chemical and chemical processing companies; design and construction of intelligent traffic control, traffic management and commuter systems; construction facilities design, computer software and design; manufacturer of beauty and health products; underground facilities design, installation and repair.


4. Distributors and product sales companies serving such useful and varied sectors as construction products and safety, environmental safety and remediation supplies; music industry, sales and repair of machine and heavy commercial equipment, as well as other product lines and areas.


5. Sales and product representation in a variety of business lines including men's and women's beauty supplies and services, medical providers, certified public accountants, accounting and business consulting services.


6. Pension and Pension fund representation under ERISA and related provisions for breach of pension service and recipients and collection litigation work regarding the foregoing areas.


7. Farm and ranching operations, agricultural cooperative matters, non-profit companies, faith based organizations as well as churches of various faiths and denominations.


8. Construction in oil and gas pipeline services, underground excavation, utility drilling, HVAC companies, masonry, building and general contractors.